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How many objects clutter our spaces?

How many thoughts keep our mind busy?

And how many and who are the people who are consuming our energy?

Do you sometimes feel the urge to get rid of everything? (or almost everything?)

Click here and listen Declutter To Free yourself, the “international” version of Buttare per Buttarsi (the podcast for people who want to improve their productivity, learn how to declutter and find the courage to engage in new ways of thinking and lifestyles)

Getting rid of stuff to find meaning

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Being aware of our material resources and getting rid of what is unnecessary, is the first step towards a better balance and a full awareness of our mental resources that our space is requiring from us. There is a personal organisational strategy that can immediately give you a sense of freedom and lightness, ladies and gentlemen, it is called decluttering, the art of letting go or, if you prefer, the art of getting rid of things.

New habits

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You cannot oblige people to change. Being a professional in Human Resources, I am well aware that if you force someone to change, you are going to fail, unless the change also includes a change in their personal habits.

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